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Century's accounting and financial reporting team is highly dedicated to providing timely and accurate financial and operations reports. Led by Century's Chief Accounting Officer, Jack Marquardt, our services include:

  • Budgets and Forecasts

  • Financial Reporting

  • Accounting Staff Hiring
    and Training

  • Accounts Payable Processing & Administration

  • Accounts Receivable


  • Cash Management and Projections

  • Management of Operating Accounts

  • Management of Accounting Policies
    and Procedures 

  • Accounting Practice Review and Evaluation

  • Theft and Fraud Controls and Systems

  • Compliance with Lender Requirements and Covenants

  • Audit and Tax Work Paper Preparation 

  • Sales Tax and Mixed Beverage Tax Returns

  • Pro Forma Modeling and Investment Analysis

  • Comparable Club Benchmark  Analysis

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