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Century's General Counsel - Rand Huguely - and Assistant General - Counsel Claire Klontz - have over 30 years of combined experience representing clients in the golf club industry. Under their guidance, our legal department provides full scale legal services to our clubs, including employment advice, contract drafting and review, liability mitigation, development of membership bylaws and documents, transactional work, day to day operational matters, and litigation management. In addition, the legal department manages and oversees the process of obtaining, maintaining and renewing all necessary permits and licenses for the clubs. A wide variety of services are offered including:

  • Contract Negotiation and Review for Leases and Service Agreements

  • Renewing Licenses, Contracts and Operational Permits

  • Obtaining/Renewing Liquor Licenses

  • Consultation on Easements and Municipal Issues

  • General Counseling and Advisory Services

  • Membership Policies Review

  • Bylaw, Rules & Regulations Review

  • Regulatory and Compliance Notifications

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