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Flite Golf & Entertainment


Flite Golf & Entertainment is the only turnkey solution to design, build and operate a golf entertainment venue. Flite has designed, built, and managed golf entertainment facilities with many more on the way. Its team of in-house developers brings a diverse gaming background to ensure unique and fun experiences for guests.


Flite’s unique approach to the market has resulted in the issuance of multiple patents that will drive the future of golf entertainment. Flite creates immersive, tech-fueled entertainment experiences by pairing leading-edge technology with innovative games, shot tracking, and facility management software.

Only Flite offers proven proprietary software to enhance guest experience and maximize profitability.

Flite is the turnkey solution for golf entertainment.


Flite Golf & Entertainment is a global golf entertainment company headquartered in Dallas, TX. Flite builds, deploys, and supports innovative solutions needed to drive technology-enhanced ranges, whether on green grass or in a multi-million-dollar entertainment venue. Utilizing their innovative next-gen games, course play, and guest management software, Flite brings a complete technology solution to existing range operators as well as entirely new venues seeking to offer a contemporary golf entertainment experience. Flite is a turnkey solution that is driving golf entertainment. To learn more, visit

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