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WORLDvantage is an invitation-only Membership available via current Member referral or through select partnerships created with corporations and luxury service providers. The Club provides an extensive global golf network offering “Member for the Day” access to hundreds of private golf, dining, and city clubs in North America and around the world. Members also enjoy added golf services, travel, business, and affluent lifestyle benefits. 

The program is setup to accommodate both individual Memberships as well as strategic “group memberships” for corporate and service provider partnerships. 

* One of the World’s Largest Private Club Networks Under Agreement
* Customizable Golf Experiences  
* Luxury lifestyle and leisure benefits for Affluent Individuals

Private Golf and Club Access

Members have access to over 450 private golf clubs and over 60 private dining clubs in North America alone.

Globally, Members have a total reach of over 1,200 golf and club venues across 40+ countries.

Golf Experiences and Services

With a complete golf event and tournament staff on hand, Members can create their own golf outings. Members also have access to exclusive golf experiences at top-100 golf venues throughout the year.

Business and Client Entertainment Solutions

The private club access and golf services provide a unique and impactful means for business professionals to leverage the program to entertain clients and colleagues. Our corporate partners are also able to setup corporate Membership options with strategic golf entertainment budgeting.

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