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Arnold Palmer Golf Management reopened the golf course, built a clubhouse and put our Club on solid financial footing.


~ Kevin Kohloff
Past President, Board of Directors
   Prescott Lakes Homeowners Association

Case Study


  • Recessionary pressure, declining membership and recurring operating losses caused the owner to close the golf course

  • The golf course and dining facilities were operated from modular buildings  

  • The members and residents were very concerned about the future of their club and property values



  • Century Golf Partners created a joint-venture partnership with the Prescott Lakes HOA to acquire the Club from the prior owner

  • Arnold Palmer Golf Management began operating the Club

  • Repositioned the Club as an integral part of the community lifestyle and restructured HOA fees and membership dues to support club operations

  • Added 300+ Golf Members to achieve a full membership roster

  • Built a new clubhouse, upgraded facilities and improved golf course conditions

  • Positioned the Club for long-term success and sustainability

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